Q.  What is your deal with carrying energy?

A.  We’re trying making things a little more easier for you and our energy hungry devices and maybe save you time and hassle trying to find a way to charge your device. If you have an emergency, you’ll never be left in the dark.

Q.  What batteries do you use and how long does the battery last?

A.  Generally a lithium-polymer battery lasts for almost 12 months with a near full charge.  We use name brand premium quality batteries that are good for about 500 charges which under normal use is about 5 years.  The battery devices have an automatic shutoff when the battery is drained.  You can override that in an emergency but we discourage that since it’s hard to recharge a lithium-polymer from a completely dead state.

Q. What if I have a special need for charging or want a custom solution?

A. No problem, we are experts in portable energy and it’s important to us that you can easily carry the energy you need.  Contact us if you have a special need for charging we’ll help you.  We can build custom “one-of” solar solutions.

Q.  Can I buy in bulk?

A.  Yes, please contact us to discuss options.

Q.  What if I want to be a dealer?

A.  No problem, contact us and we have an easy program for you to get started.  We have a whole page devoted to dealers, and would be happy to send you our info.

Q.  What if I have a problem with my purchase?

A.  We have done our best to assure you years of trouble free operation from your device.  Devices with the ZaxGear logo are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase. If, during the applicable warranty period from the date of original consumer purchase, if ZaxGear finds your ZaxGear device to be defective, ZaxGear will repair, or at its option replace with a new or refurbished equivalent, without charge for part or labor. Normal wear and tear is not covered by this. If a warranty issue do occur please contact the store where you have purchased your ZaxGear, they are obliged to help you. If your product is purchased from our ZaxGear web store please contact us at  For more details on our warranty please see the warranty page.

Q.  Do you supply connectors with your chargers?

A.  Yes, most connectors are supplied with each device a micro USB, mini USB, and iPhone 4(pictures)

Q.  What about iPhone 5 new cord?

Any standard USB connector that you use with your wall charger will fit our devices.  For the iPhone 5 since it’s a proprietary cord you will need to supply that or purchase it separately at Apple.  We also supply a multipurpose connector that includes the new "firewire" connector for iPhone 5, 6, 6+ etc and the new iPads as well as the older Apple products available here 

Q.  Aren’t lithium-polymer batteries dangerous?

A.  Lithium-polymer batteries are in use everywhere and are not dangerous unless they are tampered with or not charged properly.  If you have any issue with our devices please return them for a replacement or proper disposal.  If you tamper with the battery, take apart any chargers or batteries or try any type of experiments that are not in keeping with the normal charging of your device, we are not responsible.

Q.  How do I know if my ZaxGear product has a fully charged battery?

A.  We only offer products that have energy storage such as a battery to always have some indication of power available either through LED lights showing full, ½, etc or an actual power meter showing % available.  Having this indicator you are never guessing how much power you have left.

Q. Do all ZaxGear products have batteries?

A.  No, we offer a wide range of products that are just solar chargers and accessories to make things convenient for you like long lasting (almost forever) LED lights or a fan to keep you cool.  Also many of our products are just solar panels without a battery.

ST-50 and Mini (ST-25)

Q. Does the ST-50 and Mini need sunlight to charge my smartphone?

A.  No, since these devices have a battery built in that recharges after use with either the sun or you can actually use the wall USB charger that came with phone and a mini USB plug to recharge the ST-50 or Mini.

Q. Can I charge my ST-50 by putting in on the dash of my car or truck?

A. We do not recommend you put the ST-50 or ST-25 on the dash.  It will not charge because of several factors like tinting on the windows, the angle of the sun, and espcially the heat.  Treat your ST-50 or ST-25 like a cell phone and it will give you many years of service.

Q.  Do I need to wait till my ST-50 or Mini is fully charged to charge my device?

A.  No, you can leave the ST-50 or Mini in the sun for about 15 to 30 minutes and get enough power to slightly charge your phone in an emergency enough to call or text.

Q.  Can the ST-50 and the Mini charge a iPad or tablet?

A.  Only the ST-50 has enough power for the tablet devices.  Also the ST-50 has 2 USB ports so 2 phones or devices can be charged at the same time.

Q. How do I know if my ST-50 or the Mini is charged?

A.  The 3 blue LED lights will be all be on when you press and hold the button.  Each light is about 25% level.

Q. How fast will the ST-50 Charge my phone?

A. It depends on a couple of factors like what phone you have and how low the battery.  The ST-50 can charge a smartphone in about an hour.  Just plug in the USB into the ST-50/Mini and charge your device

Q.  How long does it take to charge an ST-50/Mini from the sun.

A.  It takes approximately 24 hours of sunlight to fully charge a completely discharged ST-50/Mini. You can combine our products such as the ST-110 where  charging time cut by more than 50% to 5 to 8 hours or even faster with the ST-220 with a charging time of 2 to 4 hours. The ST-50/Mini can always be charged by the wall via micro USB port, or any compatible solar array!

Q: What can I charge with my ST-50?

A: The ST-50 will charge most major brands of smartphones 2-3 times and can charge iPads, Tablets, USB compatible Cameras (we can keep your Gopro's running all day), USB compatible battery chargers such as AA,AAA,Lithium ion and others, GPS units, and even other ST-50's.


Q.  Are the SF-110/SF-220 waterproof?

A.  Yes, they can be wet but we highly recommend to dry it off before use with any electrical device.  Just not a good idea to mix water and electricity.

Q.  Do the ST-110/ST-220 have batteries?

A.  No, they are very efficient and the latest technology solar panels that output directly to your device.  They are very lightweight and waterproof.  We do offer bundles that offer a solar panel and a battery at a savings.  You then have a fast charging multi-use system with a large solar panel and battery for charging at night or on the go.

Q.  What can I charge with it with just the solar panels?

A.  The SF-220 is our most versatile charging platform, it charges Laptops with the supplied connectors, All USB compatible devices such as all major brands of smartphone, USB compatible Cameras (such as Go-Pros), USB compatible battery chargers such as AA,AAA ,Lithium ion and others, GPS units, and our battery pack line such as the ST-50, ST-mini, and all the PB battery packs, etc.

  • Older generation phones 1-2 hours

  • E- Readers 1-2 hours

  • Car battery 8-10 hours. ( Great for tending your generator's starting battery)

  • Motorcycle battery 7-8 hours

  • ST-50 3-4 hours.

  • PI-54 6-8 hours

Q.  What about Go-Pros?

A.  See our video, the ZaxGear line of chargers are perfect for the high adventure and nonstop need for power for you Go-Pro.