• Dec 07, 2013

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Zaxgear Solar Chargers and Gun Shows, We charge iPhones, iPads, Androids, anything USB compatible. We provide the right voltage for those tricky smartphones

It's been great being able to travel around to all these gun shows and meet our customers face to face. We have been receiving good reviews about our products. People have been travelling with them, camping with them and all around keeping their phones alive.

Honestly, its been a great feeling being able to give somebody a product they are using and enjoying. We designed and picked our products based on what was lightest, most reliable, and most consistent sources of power.

The only feedback i've gotten is that the ST-50 takes a long time to charge from the sun.  All i can say is be patient, it really depends on the quality of light you are putting onto it. Give it a few days and you will definitely see restored power. If you are camping for an extended period of time, we really recommend getting one of our larger panels to keep it charged daily.

We are working hard to give you guys a great product.

Thank you for all the support!


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