• Oct 17, 2014

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Suppliers of portable clean energy to charge our gadgets and smart phones, we are the experts in portable clean, Eco-freindly and reusable energy sources.

hungry-hungry-hipposWe started on our quest for portable clean energy to charge our gadgets and smart phones, with a dream of unlimited Angry Birds. It seems no matter how good the battery is we'll use it up playing games or watching videos and always at the wrong time we need a charge. It's like using energy saving light bulbs...we'll just leave them on longer than before. Doing research we came up an idea to find solar, bike powered, and a hand crank chargers. We don't have the bike chargers yet. Let us know if you are interested and we'll let you know as soon as they come in. We are now becoming experts it what it takes to have portable Eco-friendly power for gadgets or larger items like car or motorcycle batteries. We focus on finding clean and efficient ways for you to have backup battery power.. just in case or for convenience of having Mother Nature provide you a free charge. When talk about portable it is something that a person can carry easily in a pocket, day pack, backpack, or purse.st50 and st20 size comparison We are expanding our line of portable energy devices and have some neat ideas for your bicycle. Feed your Gadgets with Free Energy www.zaxgear.com  


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