• Oct 17, 2014

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How we choose suppliers for our great charger components.

When we first started ZAXgear we wanted to find a solar charger that people would see and immediately notice it's quality. We looked through 100's of suppliers, and we had tons of samples sent in to HQ. The first iterations weren't quite right. One dropped and was instantly broken, the other wouldn't recharge in the sun. One lost it's entire battery charging a cell phone once. But then we decided to design the ST-50 our new charger is sleek, and an exact size copy of the iphone. Our charger features two USB outputs instead of one. Our charger's battery fills up much quicker than the others we tested, and has shown to be durable enough to bring with you on your camping trip. st50 charging iphone5

The ST-50 charges all major brands of phones, including the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia 980, and Blackberry Torch. We built this company to keep your gadgets fueled 24/7, because nothing is worse than being completely out of the loop.  


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