Charge your phone and gadgets with clean solar energy!

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SF-110 5 Watts the light weight USB solar panel charger!
This is our Five Watt Solar Force model. I almost want to call it the tactical model, but that ..
SF-1200 120 Watts Portable Solar Panels - superpower
This is our latest in portable solar power!  It's the one to have! Our SF-1200 solar array t..
SF-220 20 Watts USB & 12 Volt Waterproof Solar Panel Charger
One of our most powerful and popular solar charger to date, this charger is capable of charging car ..
SF-360 36 Watts USB & 12 Volt Waterproof Solar Panel Charger
This is the most solar power you can pack into a small easy to carry package that weighs less the 3...
ST-120 12,000 mAh Solar Battery - aka Power House
This is the big one, we had many requests from customers for a solar battery able to charge a l..
ST-230 23,000 mAh Solar Battery - aka Big Power House
This is the bigger one charge your phone over 10 times or an iPad or a laptop.  This is it..
ST-50 (black color only) - The Fastest Solar Battery Charger for USB
This is our favorite product we carry, the Solar Trekker 50, or ST-50 is a versatile solar charg..
ST-65 - The Awesome replacement for our famous ST-50
The ST-65 is our replacement and much improved from our famous ST-50.  This is now rugged,..
ST-75 6 Watt panel with battery "the book"
The ST-75 turned out to be a fantastic solar panel/battery combo...we listened and combined our..