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This is our latest in portable solar power!  It's the one to have!

Our SF-1200 solar array that we  designed to be the most power in the minimum about of space.

Fold this baby out over your hood or on top of your RV and fill up your batteries in a hurry for sure.

We couldn't be happier with the quality and durability of our brand new coated solar panels. Waterproof and Shock proof, you can fold this out over your boat and get that emergency charge to keep you afloat.

It outputs at 19-21 volts and comes with all the necessary ports and connectors to attach it to any battery system.

This rig has some serious power, and they can even be daisy chained together for even greater wattage.

Perfect portable solar charger to charge boat , car, ATV, motorcycle batteries, even horse trailers and emergency backup diesel generators..

Perfect for emergencies

Also any USB device or laptop

The SF-1200 120 Watts - 12 volt Portable Solar Panels

 Check out our combo packs with the SF-220 and PI54 for savings!

Also check out the SF-110 and ST-50 combo pack if you need to pack something smaller and for only your USB gadgets.

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