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The superpower solar panel and battery combination...this is our best charging combo pack yet, this will let you charge almost anything, with everything you need included.

The ST-50 (details here) charges all major phone brands and even demanding iPads, any time and at night! It recharges super quickly with the SF-220 (details here), in 2-3 hours.

The SF-220 20 watts of capable! Charges most 12v batteries, USB devices, Laptop's, and so much more. Folds neatly into a portable, wearable satchel. The whole system is waterproof, great for under your boat seat to keep your battery tended.

We'll even throw in the squid (details here)

With the USB and 12v combination you can have your gadgets charged in no time!

Superpower Solar Panel and Battery Combination Pack! SF-220 + ST-50 charge almost anything

This is one of our favorites, portable power for use either at night with the ST-50 or during the day with SF-220.  The SF-220 allows for very quick charging of the ST-50.

The ST-50 with our USB light accessories or USB fan can make a campsite or emergency situation bearable.  The ST-50 with it's built in battery is great for charging your smart phone when the sun isn't around.

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