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At a great combo price you get a 5 watt USB solar panel and one ST-65 Solar charging battery pack.  We found many of our customers buying our SF-110 solar panel with the ST-50 so that they have the best of both worlds plus a way to quickly charge the ST-65 6500 mAh battery in a hurry.

With the solar panel connected to the ST-65 and in the full sun you can expect recharge times of less than 5 hours...great stuff if you are in the wilderness.  Then at night use the ST-65 to run your camp lights, iPad, or smartphone recharging.

More details on the ST-65 here and You can find more info on the SF-110 here

You can also see from the image below we are using the Squid for easy USB to gadget connectivity

ST-65 and the SF-110 USB Solar Panel Combo!

We use the latest solar cell technology to keep things very light and portable.  The SF-110 is industry leading on light it'll be amazed that you can get 5 watts from such a small panel that yet weighs near nothing.

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