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This is the bigger one charge your phone over 10 times or an iPad or a laptop.  This is it.  Great for vacations not to run out of power...a little over one pound, it has a 23,000 mAh (23 amp) lithium polymer battery, with USB, 12V, 16V, 19V DC outputs that can keep a laptop running for hours or charge larger USB devices like an iPad.  It has a 2 watt solar panel array to charge the battery in an emergency or sitting in the full sun during the day at a campsite.  The ST-230 output is either 1A or 2.1A for iPads

The ST-230 has 4 blue indicator lights showing its full status and since the battery is lithium polymer it will not loose its charge for a very long time...we've seen this last for over a year with very little decay.

The ST-230 comes with a wall charger, a bunch of various plugs to fit almost anything, and USB pack for fit most cell/smartphones.

The ST-230 is quite handy especially if you have a pack of needy empty friends.

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