Niagara_rapidsWe started our company with one simple idea... keep gadgets fueled with portable renewable power sources. Our phones are much more than an emergency line these days, it's our camera, video, and last ditch flashlight. We want power wherever we go and we want it to be reliable.

ZAXgear strives to give you a power line wherever you are. Keep it simple, portable, adaptable... and use the free energy around us. Too many times we see people sitting in parking lots before concerts or events running their car just to charge their phone or even worse coming back out to charge their phone. Or how many times we're sitting at our favorite watering hole and our tablet or smartphone is down to it's last 3% and dieing... no plugs in sight, no charging connections.

How about hiking when we need that GPS device or our cell phone for that emergency call. Where do you plug in? Our design and product philosophy ... portable, easy to use, outdoors durable, and earth friendly. The Solar Trekker series is our first product line that meets that high standard. All our products have 100% money back guarantee and we are fanatical when it comes to customer service.

Feed your gadgets with free energy...